Get Involved

Special Faces is run by and for individuals with special needs and veterans. We create unique and bold shoelaces for clients of all shapes and sizes.

  • Join our Team

    As a part of our diverse and inclusive workforce, you’ll contribute to creating vibrant, high-quality shoelaces, each proudly made in the USA. We place a special emphasis on engaging individuals with special needs and veterans, recognizing the invaluable skills and perspectives they bring to our operations.

  • Volunteer Programs

    We offer various volunteer opportunities that allow you to directly impact our community of special needs individuals and veterans. Your time, skills, and passion can make a big difference as we work together to create unique, high-quality shoelaces. Let's make a lasting impact together—become a Special Faces volunteer today!

  • Partnership Opportunities

    Special Faces invites partnerships with colleges, universities, organizations, and companies of all sizes for bulk and custom orders. By partnering with us, you'll not only receive unique, high-quality shoelaces, but also contribute to a meaningful cause, fostering inclusion and providing valuable employment opportunities for individuals with special needs and veterans.